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UKNOF - The UK Network Operators' Forum.

UKNOF – bringing together the best of British technology.

The following attendees registered for the UKNOF2 Event on Sep 27th 2005:

Name Company PC Member Speaker
Aled Morris Alice Networks
Alex Cruz Farmer Netsumo
Antonio Barbosa Imperial College
Ben White KeConnect Systems Ltd
Bijal Sanghani Yes
Brandon Butterworth BBC
Brett Wilde Wilde Consulting
David Walters Interoute Communications Ltd
Denesh Bhabuta LoNAP Limited Yes ?
Dr Willie Black UKIF
Emma Moss NWIX Group Ltd
Fearghas McKay Union IXP Yes
Gareth Furse Total Network Solutions Ltd
Geoffrey Sisson Nominet UK
Ian Brown ORG Yes
Ivan Beveridge Digital Dreamtime Ltd Yes
James Rice Jump Networks Ltd
Jasper Wallace
Joao Damos Internet Systems Consortium Yes
John Lyons Magnet Networks Yes
John Souter LINX
Jon Gilbert Thus Plc/Demon
Keith Iremonger NISCC
Keith Mitchell UKIF Yes Yes
Malcolm Hutty LINX
Marcus Hopwood MCIX Yes
Matthew Williams Imperial College
Mike Hughes LINX Yes Yes
Ming-Yu Hsifh Entanet
Neil McRae COLT Yes Yes
Nick Whittaker NWIX Group Ltd
Nigel Titley FLAG Telecom Yes Yes
Richard Edgington Internet Vision
Richard Irving Cogent
Richard Yule LINX
Rob Golding RBIEX ?
Ronan Mullally 4L Communications Ltd
Rumy Kanis RIPE NCC
Salvatore Mule Tiscali International Networks
Steve Dyer UKIF
Steve Kennedy NetTek Ltd Yes Yes
Steve Lalonde Entanet
Stuart McNeil Total Network Solutions Ltd
Susan Malec UKIF
Suw Charman Open Rights Group Yes
Tom Hodgson Netsumo
Will Hargrave Imperial College Yes


For further information about UKNOF and its events, please contact UKIF on or by 'phone on (0870) 833 5153.




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